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Product Care

If your head-cover is a little tight at first, don't worry. The leather will expand over time and stretch to fit the shape of your club. 

Watch this video to see the best way to safely remove and replace your head-cover: Remove and Replace



Leather is a naturally occurring product, weatherproof and is easy to look after. 

Unlike a PU head-cover, it will not flake when it is exposed to humidity. However, to keep its natural qualities you should treat your leather products with a specialised leather conditioner every 3-6 months and regularly air out your leather products. Treated well and over time the leather will mature and adopt a more textured feel. 



Nappa leather can be easily cleaned using a soft brush or cloth with warm soapy water. It should be left to dry naturally away from sunlight and any artificial heat such as radiators.

Try to avoid anything that will compress the shape during the drying process.

Most head-cover can be turned inside-out to enable cleaning of the internal fabric. Use a soft brush our cloth with warm soapy water to remove stains.

Do not immerse the head-cover in warm water. Allow it to dry inside-out following the leather drying guidelines.