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The Scottish Startup Putting Handbags on Golf Clubs

Introducing David Alexander Golf, a Scottish startup developing a unique range of premium products for the golf market.

Founded in Singapore, but now based in Fife, David Alexander Golf grew out of a forlorn search for higher quality sports accessories. 

In do so, we figured out how to use digital e-commerce platforms to co-ordinate disparate manufacturing capability in Asia and introduce previously unaffordable technologies into the design process.

We recently launched with a collection of leather golf club head-covers that incorporate design concepts that have never be used in this format before (e.g. leather embossing, laser etching and UV printing).

We want to use this as a platform to establish an exciting new design brand.


Our initial range of female-focused golf accessories have been developed around two themes: ’stylish identity' and 'innovative expression'. 

‘Stylish Identity’.

We've tried to create a collection of products around the style requirements of women golfers and not just adapt existing lines to the female market.

For example, we've removed unsightly and largely irrelevant design features (i.e. club numbers) that are a hangover from male-orientated design and introduced more established fashion industry concepts (i.e. leather embossing) into the design process.

Our new Wave Collection for example, incorporates a range of complementary shades of embossed leather down the side of each head-cover. This enables a player to interchange covers from different sets to continuously re-fashion the look they want.  

‘Innovative Expression’

We’ve also moved away from embroidery as the primary creative mechanic and focused on ways to use printing technologies to permanently embed more vibrant design ideas into product ranges.

The Icon Collection for instance, features contemporary images of female film icons on the head-cover’s surface in a way that hasn't really been practical outside of the luxury goods market before. 

Our male collection is anchored around a ‘stylish expression’ theme. The popular Scotland-SE range for example, sports a white saltire superimposed over a navy-blue map of Scotland and is finished with a chrome lion (another design idea borrowed from the fashion industry).

Our latest range of Solheim /Ryder Cup-inspired Team Europe designs, however, take digital design to a new level. They incorporate a grunge-styled European flag that has been embedded into the head-cover to create a level of image detail that’s not been attempted before in this format.

Gavin McClement, founder and managing director said: “The world sees the golf club head-cover as a manufacture's marketing tool or a novelty replacement. But only because nobody has put much serious thought into the market before. We see it as a canvas for creative expression, one that should enable a golfer to say more about the person on the outside than the club on in the inside”.

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